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Invest in RTO Mortgages 

Looking to benefit from the regular monthly income and security of real estate investments without having to deal with the management stress of maintenance, rent collection and tenants?  If so, please get in touch to see if investing in our quadruple-guaranteed, first and second position private mortgages may be right for you. These products have no extra fees or hidden charges and can offer better cashflow than owning rental properties.  

Our mortgages offer four layers of protection through secure investments in our residential rental properties, affording you peace of mind with the backing of rent guarantees, corporate guarantees, personal guarantees, and registered first or second position mortgages secured directly by real estate.

If you are interested in investing through RRSPs and TFSAs to avail of tax advantages so you can keep your money working hard for you, our mortgage investments can be set up and administered through an arms length, third party nationally registered trust (e.g. Canadian Western Trust) to ensure regulatory compliance with these programs.

Interested in Learning More ...

If you are an investor interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity to diversify your portfolio, enjoy the benefits of real estate investments, and achieve financial growth with the support of our private mortgage lending opportunities and expertise, please get in touch with us to explore options further*.

*Minimum investment amounts, durations and other terms apply. Please contact for details
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